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Follow up to bad Kaiser service

First off, thank you to everyone who sent me and my family well wishes. Due to the immediate response here, which I forwarded on to my mother (she's not an LJ'er of any kind), she took our advice and went into the ER here at San Francisco Kaiser yesterday afternoon. She was so short of breath that the walk from the entrance to the triage desk (less than 25 feet) nearly caused her to pass out.

She was tested up one side and down the other, luckily getting all very nice people who actually listened to her. She was admitted and at this moment is sitting up having her breakfast, swearing she's fine. It looks like what is actually wrong may be simply a bad reaction to a medication she's been on, compounded by a slow growing infection at the site of the pacemaker.

She gives you all her thanks for convincing her that no, she wasn't being a bad customer to insist on an answer ASAP, and one doctor actually said to me last night as I was at the hospital, depending on how long she had waited, this could have killed her.

Yup, that's right. In a sense, this community saved her life. She wouldn't listen to just me. So one more time, thank you to every single one of you.
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