girljim (girljim) wrote in bad_service,


Sign seen in the window of the Kinko's/FedEx near work:

Get it and Go
Self-Pay Service

Excuse me, but if you do it all yourself, and you use their self-pay, how exactly is that service? Doesn't "Service" indicate that someone is, you know, SERVING you?

Edited to Add:

Ok, so I'm just really grumpy this morning. I don't hate self-checkouts, or self-serve, or self-pay - my issue was that they're touting this as "Service!" (with the capitol S), without actually serving you. Like you doing it all yourself, without them actually lifting a finger, is somehow a feature that you should be really excited about.

I actually dig the self-checkout at the grocery store, but they're not trying to tell me how much better off I am that I can look up and enter the codes for my bananas myself.
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