irish2483 (irish2483) wrote in bad_service,

Not bad, just head shaking in disbelief...

Ok, I'm pretty new, I've been reading over some of the entries and I finally have a story to tell.

So I get out of my Physical Therapy session for my almost fully healed ankle and I'm on my way to my nephew's baseball game. I had lunch at like 12 and its now 6, so I decide to grab some Wendy's before I go to the game. So I go in and the girl greets me, I ask if they take credit cards, cuz I know not all of them do and I'm short on cash. She very cheerfully says they do, great! So I order one of the new Frescata combos with a baked potato with extra sour cream. Ok first of all i'm giving her instructions and rattling off my order at a decent pace and she asks me to slow down, no prob first week probably. So she gets my order and asks one of the other ppl about somehting before she tells me the total. The total is $6.05 a little high but I don't really think much of it since I don't go there all that often and didn't pay much attention to the prices on the sign. So she gets my drink and heads over gets an order of fries, I'm a little puzzled and I wait and she brings over the fries and starts to place them in my bag.

Me: No I ordered a baked potato with extra sour cream not fries
New Girl: Oh these come with it!
Me: No I ordered the baked potato as my side instead of the fries.
New Girl: Ooooh ok

So she gets my baked potato a thing of butter and a packet of sour cream.

Me: I asked for extra sour cream.
New Girl: Oh we have a new policy we can only give 2 things out with a baked potato.
Me: ok, I would rather have an extra sour cream instead of butter then.
New Girl: Ooooh ok!

So apparently this girl new of this new supposed policy, but not of the Chain-wide Wendy's commercials that said customers can pick any side (salad, fries, baked potato, chili etc.), I just had to laugh a lil when I left.
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