Daundelyon (daundelyon) wrote in bad_service,

Someone must have been baked.

This is a story of good service severely hampered by bad service. Bear with me.
My parents, on top of all the other insanity in our lives lately, are moving into a new condo. Mom had a wonderful time picking out her new appliances, including a fridge, microwave, and stove. The first two have arrived in one piece. The stove has kicked off a truly irritating saga.
The stove turned up on time, and my dad was there to meet the deliverymen. The box was unloaded and moved into the kitchen for unpacking. After the top of the box was off, the installers turned their attention to the connection while dad watched. Something about the stove caught his eye. He blinked a few times, but nope, still something wrong. Finally he realized that the top part of the stove, which houses the burner indicators and the timer and such, was bent at a 45 degree angle. He pointed this out to the delivery men, who were rather incredulous given that the box was totally intact. Regardless, they apologized profusely and took the stove away, promising prompt replacement. No bad service here.
Fast forward two weeks. Again, my dad meets the delivery people, again the stove is taken from the apparently pristine box. This time the damage to the stove was even worse. The appalled delivery men again make profuse apologies. Again, no bad service here.
At this point my parents are rather more than frustrated by the situation, so dad heads into the Maytag store to ask whatinell is going on. Two deliveries, two intact boxes, two stoves damaged beyond use. The only solutions we could come up with were that the stoves had been damaged and then re-boxed, or that they were damaged prior to packing and hushed up.
Turns out we're probably right. The salesman explained that Maytag just bought out Whirlpool, and that there are a lot of disgruntled workers(understandably so, having your job yanked out from under you sucks). It is in fact possible that a factory worker/group of workers damaged the stoves deliberately in retaliation. Therein lies the bad service. Not to mention, now that the company is aware of this problem, these folks will most certainly loose their jobs when identified, as opposed to possibly losing them in the merger.
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