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Another sexist ASS

I needed a fan motor and fan for the AC on my car. I drive an older Mercedes so it was a part that I couldn't just walk into say AutoZone and purchase.

My son called the import car parts place and asked about the price of the part and they quoted him a price in the $225.00 range.

When I went in to order and pay for the part they informed me that price was just for the motor, that I had to buy the fan at the same time because they were "factory milled" to work together and that if they weren't purchased together then it would never be balanced. So the 2 parts together would be $350. Never mind that they had quoted my son the lower price for BOTH parts. When I questioned them, they claimed that part was in high demand and that they sold many of them and that of course they didn't remember talking to anyone specific about it. (Yea, right. I am sure that they sell dozens of special order Mercedes AC fan motors every day)

I turned around and walked out. The next day I returned with my son and stayed in his truck while he went in to order the part. It was less than $250. including tax for him.

Recourse? None. Because they can always claim that they gave him a "professional discount" because he is a certified mechanic... but they did not ask him for identification or certification, neither when he called nor when he went into the store.

Bottom line. There are some places that take advantage of women.
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