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I'm not sure if this was bad service or not so I though I would ask this group. My two cats have been shedding very badly this year so my boyfriend and I have decided to have them shaved. I took them to a pet store in the area that does grooming as well. When I took my girls in at 7 am I was told that since they were short haired cats I would be charged $30 and if they were "difficult" they would tack on an extra charge. I said that was fine and signed the paperwork wrote down my phone number and asked when they would be ready to go. The groomer said they should be done in no more than two hours.
After no call at eleven I call them no answer. I called 15 minutes later and still it just rang and rang and rang. At noon with still no call I drove down there because I needed to be in San Francisco in two hours. When I got there I asked if they were ready and the groomer said they had been ready for a couple hours and were wondering when I was going to bother to show up. I told them I was under the impression they were going to call and the woman said that I didn't leave my number on the paperwork (um bull crap, if I didn't why can' I look at it).
I apologized and they handed me the bill. They had charged me for grooming two long hair cats, which is almost $15 more than the short hair and then insisted that before they were shaved they were in fact long haired and how was I going to prove it now, and charged me an extra $20 because they were "difficult". This turned my $30 into a little over $50 each. I'm pretty annoyed.
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