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Dunno if this is bad service or not

I wake up this morning realizing I'm outta smokes. I figure I can just deal as I've only recently moved to my new appartment and don't have a key. All of my roommates are gone to their respective work days, so if I lock up I can't get back in, but if I leave it unlocked risk my crap disappearing. So I settle myself in to wait.

Around 3:30 I give up my wait and decide to walk to the local store, it's about a half mile away. No big, I put on my MP3 player and jam on down. I get there all sweaty and icky, and a little dehydrated feeling. I grab my bottle of drink and pull out my ID all ready to tell him what kind of smokey treats I want. Then I see a sign that says "We ID, No Broken ID, No Expired ID, No Out of State ID".


I thought ID's that were issued by a state couldn't be refused by another state.

So I don't even try, and the man has a limite grasp of english, I just buy my drink and call it a day.

But to add insult to injury he overcharges me for my drink. I point out out that he charged me 1.05 for my 89c Drink. He starts explaing to me some complicated math involving taxes, which are only 7%, so making my drink roughly 96c if I'm not mistaken. Again I gave up and just left to trek back home in the heat smokeless and annoyed.

But Hawaiian Roller Coaster came on my MP3 player so that cheered me up.
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