Sammy (libwitch) wrote in bad_service,

i have boobs, so how can i know hardware?

I went to Home Depot the other day to find small quick links (special connector for the end of chains). I search the display, which is a MESS, which empty hooks and unlabeled pegs, stuff thrown all over the shelf, etc. All I find is one single huge quick link.

I try to catch the idea of an older male employee, who has interrupted another younger employee to lecture the customer on what he thinks is required for the deck installation, which is contrary to the directions given by the manufacturer.

When the lecture is done, the older employee looks right at me, and I said very clearly "I need some assistance, please." He turned on his heel and walked away.

Seeing no other employees in the area, I follow and catch up with him.

Me: Excuse me, but I am looking for a specific size of quick link, and I don't see it over there, but I notice much of the display is empty. Could you please check to see if you hvae this size in stock?

Him: Well, all the quick links are over there. *gestures at wall, turns back to me*

Me: *deep breath, moves back in front of him* Sir, I looked over there, but it looks like there might be missing stock. Could you check on a particular size for me?

Him: There are over eleven thousands items here, and I don't know them all! Just go check!

Me: Sir, I.did.check. However, I know you can check the store inventory on that computer right there, and I that is what I am asking you to do, since it looks like your floor stock is low.

Him: Why don't you come back later with a guy, so you know what you really need?

Me: *stares speechless*

Yeah, that whole exchange put me in a lovely mood. Now I am contemplating taking my poi in and wrapping them around his neck just so he can be really sure about what I need.

EDIT: I have not complained as of yet, but I am writing a formal letter now. I was too angry after the incident to speak to a manager - I would have came across as an incoherent swearing monkey instead of a decent customer.
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