Belinda (belindashort) wrote in bad_service,

Telemarketer insanity...scam

I don't know if anyone else gets these calls, but at work it's always the same damned thing. IT's a directory service scam

"(business name) How can I help you?"

"Hello, this is the [insert American sounding name here, but it's someone calling from a different country on a 1800 UUU number] from Yellow Pages Directory Service, I need to verify your data in our system, can I ask you a few questions?"
"Yes, ok" *knows where this is going, but I always play along just in case it's legit.

"Your business address is ________?"
"Your phone number is ________?"
"Your website address is ________?"
"May I ask your name and your position?"
"(name) and I'm a store clerk"

Now at this point it goes two directions. The worst it ever was, the guy told me to answer yes to a bunch of recorded questions. I agreed at first. That was the first time they called. It was basically a recording that asked for my name and started asking really dumb questions. It got to about the 10th question and asked

"Are you authorized to make billing changes to your phone bill?"
I responded "No"
The guy got back on the phone and said 'Maam, you have to say yes"
I said 'NO, I am NOT authorized and I'm not going to say that I am"
"Maam, just say yes, there's no obligation"

While he was trying to assure me that thier service was not only free but that we were already customers I could hear the recording in the background:

"If you do not return this authorization number to --- then your phone bill will be charged 29.99 per month for this service"

I responded that my boss is in charge of that and he would have to talk to him about it. I gave him a different number, and he responded 'I cannot call another number, I have to call this one only"

I said "that's too bad" and hung up.

He called back, and I hung up again. He called again about 10 minutes later and the person answering the phone told him that I left and hung up on him, telling him not to call back.


We've asked them to remove us every time they call. They always have a random sounding name like yellow page, directory service, small business directory, you name it...

It's always the same bullshit. It's free but theres a charge. They never want to talk to a manager or a person in charge and they try to bully you into answering questions while at the same time giving NO information about themselves. Now when they call we just automatically redirect them to the office, which they never call, because they can apparently only call the line the machine calls, but I wonder

DO any of you get these calls? I wonder how many people they dupe a year into just saying yes and basically saying 'go ahead and charge the company'
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