Allison (allykatb) wrote in bad_service,

You're willing to lose a customer for $1.50?

My dad had to go return some computer cables today. When he bought them, the sales guy said that if there was a problem he could just return them, no problem. So, Dad goes home, tries them out, and they don't work. He went back and talked to the same guy who sold them, but was told he had to talk to the owner. The owner then said that, since the cables worked on the store computer, they would charge my dad a 10% re-stocking fee. The cables were $15, so for $1.50 they were willing to lose a customer. Dad returned the cables, paid the fee and has decided to never go back there. Now, this is a small store that doesn't get much business. The people who do buy from it spend thousands of dollars there. They really can't afford to lose a customer. I don't know of any other store that charges a re-stocking fee for returned merchandise. What if the customer just decides they don't like it, or it's the wrong type? Would they be willing to lose business for that too?
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