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Just a bit of a story about bad service in the purebred dog breeding bussiness.

This happened over a year ago, so I don't expect anything to be done about it now, but for future reference you never know.

My family likes to hunt, specifically duck, goose, and pheasant...

... as such, having a hunting dog would be ideal for times when the bird falls into the brush and it would take forever for the people to find it, whereas a dog would be like "*sniffsnif* Found it! :D". Or the times when the bird falls in water, and rather than swim or wade out to get it and potentially ruin gear, a dog that absolutely obsessively loves to swim would just go out and get it, and have a blast doing it.

Anyway, my dad on one of his trips with my brother bought a Labrador puppy, supposedly purebred and completely devoid of the genetic trait that causes hip displasia. However, he took it to a local vet, and they determined the breeder had lied, so he returned it and got his money back, to later on encounter another breeder who had the title of "Majestic Oaks" applied to all the names of the dogs she bred and then sold. My dad and brother picked out another puppy with the promise that she also was purebred and had no risk of hip problems, took her to the vet, and the vet A-OK'd her, so he brought her home.

The puppy was of course cute and playful and looked 100% like a lab puppy. However, as she grew older, problems started arising. She would frequently get itchy on her stomach, her skin would dry out, and she would literally scratch herself to the point of bleeding. Multiple vet visits and all sorts of steroids and medications later, no progress. Changed her diet to see if it was food allergies, no luck. Moved her out of the grassy backyard into the sidelot where there was no grass.... complete recovery.

That was problem number one. The breeder promised us that none of the puppies had problems, but she gave us one with a grass allergy, and charged $400 for it. This is a huge problem for the plans to train her to be a hunting dog, because going hunting often means being in areas with lots of GRASS.

But that wasn't all either. We also believe that her pedigree is questionable, because quite frankly... she does NOT act like a labrador. She acts like a terrier.

We have another lab, an older one, who behaves a certain way naturally. She's playful and energetic (when she's not sore from arthritis and hip displasia), but not hyperactive, and also has a medium-low toned bark. The younger one though jumps and flails all over the place, and has a higher pitched bark that sounds like what would come out of a Jack Russel Terrier if it was 3 times bigger than normal.

When confronted with this information, the breeder refuses to acknowledge that anything could be wrong with the dog she sold us, and refused to give back even part of the money we gave her, despite the fact that the puppy did not end up suitable for the tasks she had PROMISED she would be ideal for, and any puppies she could have had, as my dad did want to breed her once so he could sell the puppies to other hunters who wanted a hunting dog. We have since had her spayed because of that.

To conclude, I think it was bad service to have sold us a dog with so many problems, and who potentially isn't as purebred as the breeder told us she was. There is, however, no way to check. The American Kennel Club apparantly thinks the puppies from the litter are 100% labrador either through false reporting or some kind of mistake, so there's no way to prove the breeder wrong other than circumstantial evidence that the dog acts like a Jack Russel despite the fact that she looks like a Lab.

About all I can say on this now is that for anyone who wants a Labrador puppy either as a pet or as a sporting dog, avoid Majestic Oaks Kennels of South Dakota, because I think their bussiness something along the lines of being scam-worthy.
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