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a question only

okay this is a question but it relates to possible bad service. either way i'm confused.

last time i used my credit card at Kmart, the girl actually asked for ID. made me quite happy since they never bother to otherwise. after i left the line, i asked the girl at the service desk for a manager so i would not forget to ask them to compliment her.

the manager accepted my comment, said they would pass on the compliment.....but then proceeds to tell me it's actually ILLEGAL for stores to ask for ID.

me: :completely baffled look: bwu-huh?? since when?
him: it's law--look it up. [goes into explanation about how the credit card companies and the merchants/stores have a contract of some kind]

this makes NO sense to me with the rampantness (is that a word? lol) of identity theft today, most of it involving stolen credit cards/cards issued in a stolen identity's name(s). is this law true in my state (i live in CA)? is this true at all? or was he just spouting B.S.? i hate to think of the cashier getting in trouble instead of getting complimented because this manager has this idea that checking ID is illegal.
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