BlznFireGrl911 (blznfiregrl911) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Multiple Creepy Men who work at kiosks at my local mall:

1- Mr. Cell Phone Salesman- After I speed up my pace to quickly pass your stand, avoid any and all eye contact, do NOT call out to me "MISS! MISS!" and chase after me. I will continue to ignore you and play deaf. and in my mind picture beating you over the head with my competetors cell phone. My fly is NOT open therefore there is no reason for you to be so persistant I talk to you.

2- Mr. Hand Cream *squirt squirt* man- I do NOT want to try your product. No not just once. Leave me alone. If I ignore you the first time I pass, and then the second time I walk by, do NOT grab my arm and plead your products success. I WILL grab your arm and shove you away. I may be 5'4, but Im a firefighter. I passed the physical test. I lift fat patients all day on my stretcher. I have grown some upper body strength. Dont look shocked when your ass flies back into your little cart. You wanted to play the grabby game and you lost.

3- Mr. Survey Taker- Im very well aware of my breast size. If you stare, gaulk and run into some little old lady, I hope she beats you with her purse.

No Love-
Girl who found new reasons to avoid the mall.
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