Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

I just got my car inspected at a texico, and they told me that all of my rear break lights were burnt out. I knew one had a problem, but I thought it was electrical because it would occasionally work. After 15 minutes, they were all done, had replaced all the bulbs, and started ringing me up.

They rung me up for four bulbs, three being $2.50 and one being $5. Is that right? Does each light have two bulbs?
They also charged $45 for labor. I didn't realize this until I got home and my father laughed at me, but that man makes $180 an hour. Sweet. Except for me.

Being a major chain, does texico have standardized prices for petty work like changing bulbs? And was I really just screwed as badly as I think?

Edit: I just realized, an inspection takes about 15 minutes, so he must have spent about two minutes on the bulbs. He makes $1,350 an hour. Damn, I want to work there!
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