a rhinestone in the rough (pixiebitch) wrote in bad_service,
a rhinestone in the rough

So... we all know that it sucks when you get your car towed for being parked where it isn't supposed to. But here is a nice warning to the residents of Orange County, California.

If you get towed by the tow truck company PPI Guys, make sure you ask what exactly you are being charged for.

The city of Fullerton, California DOES NOT HAVE A CITY FEE as of a few months ago. If they charge you for this now, fight it. The only 2 cities that do have these fees now are Costa Mesa and Anaheim. (it's around $25 I believe, and you will have to pay for it if you get towed in these 2 cities)


It is not legal (or moral business practice, imo) for the tow company to charge YOU for the pictures that THEY took if someone wants proof of why the car was towed. This company has the balls to charge people $20 for 2 pictures they took to cover their asses.

(The backstory on this is my boyfriend works for a company that follows all of the laws in regards to private property impounds... and this afternoon, himself and his company found themselves helping out someone who PPI Guys is trying to screw out of money with false charges. This couple already had their car towed by my boyfriend's company, and it came to around $170. PPI Guys is trying to charge them closer to $260 for the exact same tow. I understand that the pricing might vary from company to company, but what they are doing is illegal.)
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