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All right...last year we were behind on our morgage, because my husband had been out of work for a GOOD while. We did our best, but we could obviously only do so much. So when they threatened forclosure, I got in touch with the loan resolution department of our morgage company and worked out an arrangement with a very helpful representive. Let's call her A. The payment plan called for three months of a fixed payment, that would catch us up to current in Janurary.

Fast forward to Feburary. I make our first regular payment. ON TIME!! We had extra in the account from the payment plan, so it was lower than usual. I dance at the thought of a payment on time. We were well on our way to being ALL caught up with ALL our bills.

March's payment comes along. I make the payment. Yay two in a row!!

April's payment. They inform me that I am paying for March. Buh? Why? Turns out that Feburary's payment got returned for insufficent funds. In March. That's important. Sorta.


So we go and check the end of day's balance for every day that they had it before they apparently returned it. From Feburary to March 22, there was MORE than sufficent funds.

May comes, and we get a letter stating that they are selling our morgage to a different company. Well, it happens. I decide to wait until June to try and straighten things out. (all while trying to make payments mind you). In June, I discover that they didn't sell our morgage, they changed the NAME of their company. So I was still dealing with the same people. So I contact A again.

This time she's not so helpful. She won't let me explain that the payment in Feburary that put us behind was actually made, and it was a mistake on their part. She goes off for me going off the payment plan. I hadn't. But she says she can work soemthing out, but it will be IT. THe last time.

So I get a letter that states we have to make a large payment by the 26th, then 500 dollar payments for six months to catch up. Well, seeing as our payment is less than 400, that didn't exactly add up. Then I see that she's charged us for legal fees, rejected check fees, and other things. All for a mistake that is MOSTLY their fault.

So we go to the bank and get all the statements, the day by day of our account for Feburary, and discover in the process that THEIR bank never presented the payment to ours. So it couldn't have been rejected for insufficent funds like they SAID it was. We get a letter stating it. Now we call the company, speak to some helpful representives, but are informed since I made the deal (that I haven't signed) with A, we have to speak to her. Husband calls her today. She is beligerant. Husband is forceful, but patient, and explains over and over again that we have the statements, that it's an error on their company's part, and at the highth of it she asks to speak to me.


She then goes off on me for not informing her and that my husband is being beliegerant to her, and that it's being recorded, and I never said the check wasn't presented when I talked to her ( I didn't know at the time) and I try to tell her that I TRIED to explain at the time, but she hadn't wanted to listen, and she KEEPS interupting me and telling me I'm wrong. I can't get two words in edgewise, and finally seeing my desperation my husband takes the phone and speaks loudly to her (not good customer but the way she was blessing me out it was somewhat warrented) It ends with my husband saying I would LOVE to speak to your manager, and that yes, we will fax what they requested tomorrow.

I contacted her because she had been so helpful before. I'm really regretting it now. Yes there was some bad customer stuff, but she was saying things that were flat out wrong, like we'd been behind in Feburary (we weren't) and other things that I can't really remember, because phone confrontations about money really shake me. She basically browbeat me into accepting the agreement in the first place, then when she was pointed out that several things were incorrect and we wanted them corrected she got beligerant. Now my husband can be forceful, and he CAN be a dick, but he worked in customer service for a good portion of his life, and he can deal with people when something's wrong (regular relations, let's not get into that)

I'm just so frustrated, and still shaken. I don't like being yelled at. In person I can handle alot, but over the phone, when I'm not entirely CERTAIN of ALL the facts (numbers really do a number on me due to a learning disability) I tend to get confused easily. Which was why my husband was handling it. faxing tomorrow...we'll see what happens.

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