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Problem with doctor

Background info: I have just had surgery on my neck to remove an infected cyst that burst. It's taken 4 years to get this done, which is why the cyst burst in the first place. I stayed in hospital one night and was sent home the next day with a drain in my neck that I had to empty twice through the night. I was told to come back the next morning to have the drain removed. The problems started when I got a phone call at 9:10am.

Lady on phone (LOP): Did you know you had an appointment at 8:30 this morning?
Me: No, I have an appointment at 10.
LOP: I have you scheduled for 8:30 with Dr. X.
Me: The paper I was given says 10:00 with Dr. Y at area 5 in SSB.
LOP: Well, that's wrong. You were supposed to be at area 5 in HSB at 8:30. Dr. X won't be in at 10.

She eventually told me to come in right away and she would page the doctor when I got there. The entire time she talked to me like it was my fault the nurses printed the wrong appointment.

So, I get to the doctor. It's not my surgeon, as I expected, by some other doctor I had met briefly. All is going well until he goes to remove the drain.

Dad: Before you take that out, can you change your gloves? I just noticed that you touched the door handle and coughed onto the back of your hand.
Dr: Oh, it's not a sterile procedure.
Dad: What?!
Dr: Yes, none of this is sterilized.
Dad: Well, that's why there are so many hospital infections.
Dr: Are you some sort of expert on this?
Dad: I'm an informed patient.
Dr: Well, since there's no open wound we don't need to sterilize anything.
Dad: There's a HOLE in her neck! I'd call that an open wound

The doctor never did change his gloves. I had a HOLE in my neck and he didn't see a need to sterilize anything? Then, he put the gauze on with bare hands. The good news is that I think every thing's okay. I changed the gauze last night and nothing looked infected. But still. If the patient asks you to change gloves, it's probably a good idea (and easier) to just do it.

EDIT: I now have an infection. Luckily the doctor I went to who told me (really nice guy at a walk-in clinic) said that it isn't anything too serious. I just have to wash the cut with rubbing alcohol and change the dressing everyday and take some antibiotics.
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