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A couple lovely stories for my first post in this community.

A few months ago I took my car in for an oil change. On the way there I took a CD out of the CD player and put it in the holder on my sun visor. Stupid me didn't bother to get the holder out of the car, so I left about 8 CD's in my car when I dropped it off for the oil change and went to work. Several hours later, I come back, pay for the oil change, get my car and start to drive off. That's when I realize that 3 CD's are missing from the visor. One I find in the CD player, but it wasn't the one I'd been listening to earlier. The other two are just flat out gone -- not in the holder, not anywhere in my car. I park the car, go back inside, and tell the woman at the counter that 2 of my CD's are missing and that they were definitely there when I dropped the car off. She looks at me blankly, then goes to get the manager, who listens to what I have to say. She seemed to be more ticked off that someone left a CD in the player when I knew it was supposed to be empty than by the CD's that were actually gone. Over the next few days we play phone tag and eventually establish that none of her employees could possibly have taken my CD's, she doesn't know what happened to them, but "of course" she believes me (with a tone that says she doesn't) and will give a me a refund for the cost of the CD's. While I appreciated the refund, her attitude pissed me off. And yes, I know that I shouldn't have left the CD's in my car in the first place. That wasn't an invitation to steal them, however.

My fiance and I went to a late lunch at a popular deli in town. It was the middle of the afternoon, so they weren't very busy. The waitress took our drink order right away but then took 15 minutes to bring the drinks out and take our main order. I ordered my favorite sandwich, which has slices of smoked turkey, bacon, and honey mustard sauce and comes on a croissant, and my fiance ordered a ham & turkey club. Over half an hour later she brings out our food -- only both sandwiches are wrong. His sandwich has only one kind of meat and the wrong kind of cheese. My sandwich is chicken salad on regular sliced bread. Um, no. We politely send both sandwiches back (I pointed out the sandwich I ordered once again on the menu) and wait another 15 minutes. This time his sandwich is right, and I have a croissant, but it's still chicken salad. I hate chicken salad. This time the waitress gets the manager, who comes to our table and tells me flat-out that I got the sandwich I ordered. I blink, not quite believing what I heard, and told him that I ordered the SMOKED TURKEY CROISSANT. I show it to him on the menu and read the description -- emphasizing the "sliced turkey," "bacon," and "honey mustard sauce," none of which was on my plate. He looked bored and said, "You're wrong. Not my problem." That's when my fiance (a big red-headed guy who looks like an angry Viking) got up and said that we were not paying for this meal (he hadn't eaten any of his sandwich) since they couldn't get it right, and he did not appreciate the manager's attitude towards me. Manager looked scared and said, "Uhhh...okay?" We walked out and haven't been back there since.

ETA: I forgot to mention in my second story that we'd finished our drinks and needed refills by the time she brought us our food, and we never got them. Period. We were there for over an hour and only got one glass each because the waitress never came out to check on us inbetween bringing us the wrong food, and even when she did see our glasses were empty, she never brought refills.
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