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ARRGH... starting this over from scratch, I guess. Seeing as mine was erased. *cries*

X-posted to bad_service (because our Wendy's never has ANYTHING. I'm serious. Don't ask me why, I'm just your friendly-- yet exhausted-- 4-8 front register wench who was supposed to be off 15 minutes ago. And yes, that IS my mother making angry hand gestures from inside her car. Don't ask, plzkthx) and customers_suck (because this lady is a huffy h0. Haha, huffy h0.)

So... it's 8:10. I was supposed to be off at 8. My mom is outside waiting impatiently (because she doesn't understand the meaning of "EVENING RUSH", haha!)... keep in mind, we have no baked potatoes (we ran out at about 7:50, I'd say), root beer, side salads (someone bought 6 around 5, clearing us out for the rest of the night), and Caesar side salads (when there were no side salads, they ordered the Caesar side instead. What can I say, salads were popular tonight!)

These three old people come in... No big deal, I thought, the first two were nice. The third woman is bound to be as well.

I was wrong.

E: Master Epros! (*waves* Hi! I'm the front register wench who is terrified of people! Nice to meet you!)
BL: Bitchy Lady (which also stands for boy love! ......*ahem*)
C: Chris, our burger dude! (who likes to put vodka in his diet coke. o__o)

E: Hi! *cheesy smile of DOOM!*
BL: Give me a junior bacon cheeseburger.
E: *reads into mic* Junior bacon! <3 *gives senior discount*
E: (...oookay!)
BL: Then... I want a Caesar salad.
E: Let's see... I'm sorry, but we're out of the Caesar sides. We do have the Caesar chicken salad, though!
E: ...*trembles*
BL: Fine! Get me a side salad.
E: (You just have to order everything that we don't have today, don't you?) I'm sorry... we have no side salads... that's why we ran out of Caesar sides, because people kept using them as substitutes when we ran out of side salads earlier...
BL: *deathglare!* THEN GIVE ME A POTATO.
E: *nearly faints* We... don't have any potatoes... I'm really, really sorry...!
BL: Then what DO you have?!
E: ...burgers... and chili... and soda...
BL: Then give me a chili and water!
E: O-okay... *reads total*
BL: Is that with the discount?!
E: Uh-huh...
BL: Fine! *throws money on counter. Epros rushes to get her change and BL moves to the far side of the counter*
E: (while getting tray ready) Someone cleared us out of salads earlier... they ordered six on one order. So I'm sorry that we don't ha--
BL: You only had SIX salads today?!
E: *twitches as she places the chili and the water on BL's tray*
BL: You need to have MORE SALADS!
E: P-please don't yell at me... I'm just the front register person...
C: *as he places the burger on the tray* Haha... don't sweat it, ma'am. It's just fast food.
BL: This isn't FAST food! *grabs tray* No salads... no potatoes... *grumblegrumble*
E: *cries... on the inside*

And some ask why I'm afraid of people... haha... ha... ha. *implodes*

Why do people (and deer... O_O But you'd have to read my personal journal for that one) feel the need to ruin my day? Erkkk.
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