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teneri piedi

My first post.

I was a T-Mobile customer for nearly three years. I purchased a $300 cellphone from them, when I set up my account. Later on, my ex-boyfriend added a phone ($100) and we joined their "Family Network", paying $70/month for 400 anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends. I was always extremely satisfied with my service, advising friends and family to join their contracts.

In December of 2005, we came to the conclusion that our cellphones were starting to get no use. We barely would use 50 minutes a month and his cellphone only ever came in handy when he was at the grocery store by himself and I needed tampons at home. I had just lost my job and things were getting a bit tight, so we decided to cancel our service, as we were done with our contract. We had also decided that, after three years, we weren't working real well as a couple, to just be best friends (this information comes in handy later).

I called about a week later and spoke to a male representative who kept trying to talk me into other plans. I persevered, telling him I just wanted it canceled. Both he and I were transferred to a couple of other departments and with some of the protocols, he wasn't very familiar; he had just started his job. It took three hours for him to tell me that my cellphones would be turned off in a couple of days and I finally hung up.

Cut to two days later, he starts calling me on my still working cellphone, leaving me messages telling me about other plans, how was my weekend, why did my boyfriend and I break up again, do I watch The Simpsons, and -- oh -- he might've made a mistake with my cancellation but it should be fine. Okay, well, I didn't think anything of it until I received my (supposedly) last bill.

It was for $200.

Seeing as how his bizarre interest in my life was a bit scary, I called T-Mobile Customer Service and spoke to someone else. She told me that he had set up one of the cellphones on a new plan, canceled it, and I now owed $200 for breaking a contract. While on the phone with her, I checked my bank balance online and saw that they're taking the $200 out of my checking account (I had the automatic pre-pay) would force me to pay my apartment rent late.

I remained cool on the phone and she told me they would have the money back in my account within 2-3 days. I cooled off, because I could wait a couple of days to pay my rent.

About a week goes by, my ex-boyfriend and I have to wait for his check to pay the rent, with a $50 late fee, and still no refund from T-Mobile.

I call back again and I tell this very sweet Representative about the whole story and he is amazed by my niceness, telling me if it were him, he would have probably screamed at everyone. He told me I would have my refund in 2-3 days, again. This time, I ask for his employee number and he obligingly gives it to me, saying I should ask that of every employee I have to speak to, from now on.

I waited two weeks for it. It's now been about a month.

Now, I am officially pissed and call back again. The woman tells me two to three weeks. I wait a month, no check. I call back again and tell the Customer Service girl my story, she tells me that since I was NO LONGER A CUSTOMER when they took my money, it will take three months for me to get my goddamn $200. I ask to speak to her supervisor, the supervisor tells me the same thing, all while I am screaming, "I was still a customer when one of your service reps took my money, accidentally, after I was an excellent customer for three goddamn years!"

I then ask to speak to the Supervisors Supervisor, to which she says she is the highest ranked person I can speak to, but if I want I can *FAX* my phone number to their corporate management. I start screaming about how I have to *FAX* my phone number when they are a FUCKING CELLPHONE PROVIDER.

For the next three months, I start thinking about how I don't even want the money anymore, I just want T-Mobile to eat my ass.

You see what is coming now, right?

Three months come and go, no refund.

I call, this representative takes a few minutes to read the notes on my account, and the first thing I say to her is, "So, should I just have my lawyer contact T-Mobile or can we handle this today?"

I received my money two business days later.
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