Cake! (blondebeaker) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Military Housing Agency that is a civilian run company.

So a water main broke on last Thursday. Shit happens, I know and it sucks. However doing scheduled maintence on other water mains on Friday without warning the affected residents on the base and leaving us with no water is just plain fucked up. I mean really how hard is it to print off a "The water will be shut off tomorrow," photocopy it and get the Garrison Society Ward Reps.(our version of town council) to hand it out. Apparantly its reaaaaally fucking hard. Also having your employees treat us like we are nothing more than trash when we inquire about said water loss makes me dislike you more and more.

Thanks no water for 10 hours and a really pissed off, stinky husband.

No love.

P.S: Quit raising rent. Its not the key to keeping military families on base like you say it does. Its driving them away. Morons.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that its Canadian Military I'm talking about.

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