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I don't know...

Whether it's customerssuck or bad_Service but I guess it's both? Anyways.

Background: I work in a luggage store in a mall. We have lots of competition, from small and large businesses alike. One of them is Laco Sac. Now I'm okay with business and I know this brings dirty games, lying to customers, etc. I don't do any of that but I'm weird so anyway.

While I am not at work I'm checking out their crap. Our crap and their crap is slightly different, so sometimes I'll go check it out. I was in there a couple of weeks ago trying to find myself a summery purse, but no success. I thanked the asian lady and left. Note: her i don't have a problem with at all.

Now, today really shocked me. I was threatened by another lady who told me she'd break my legs! There were no customers in the store at that time, so only my coworker heard.

But this isn't right. She came into MY STORE and threatened ME when I've been sending her business and tried to be polite. I was just standing there going: "You're KIDDING. You're KIDDING." I didn't say anything that would be considered bad.

I was so furious that I told my coworker not to move, and I went to Guest Services. Turns out I can't lodge a complaint, because it would look like the management is taking my side, but the lady there understood what i was getting at. Then I got home and I contacted the Competition Bureau via an online complaint.

Enough ranting for today, thanks for listening.

EDIT! Hi, all. I went above Customer's Service heads and management not only took me very seriously, they sent a nice, tall security guy to take my report. He told me to go to the cops if I wanted to, but I said I only wanted the mall to do something about it, for now. And I was promised they will, and of course if she does it again I WILL go to the cops. Even though Toronto is a HUGE city, and they have enough shit to deal with.
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