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Bad times at Burger King

So we went to our local Burger King tonight to get some dinner. The first thing i noticed was that the place was totally devoid of customers, including the Drive Thru. The second thing i noticed was one of the teenaged employees was sitting at a booth smoking (?!).

So we go up there and order some of the new baguette sandwich combos for us and kids meals for the kids. The girl at the register seems to have no idea what she's doing. Now, she may have been new, so i'm not going to get on her about that. However when she asked for help from one of her coworkers, he just kind of shrugged at her like he didn't know what was going on either. The others were equally apathetic. So the girl takes about five minutes just to ring up our food properly. Then the kitchen staff was moving at a snail's one was doing much of anything and it took almost 15 minutes to get all our order...after my husband had to remind them several times of different things missing from our meals, which they kept trying to hand to us with different parts of the meal missing.

So, we sit down, already annoyed at the service, and find that they for some reason threw two extra bags of fries in there but didn't charge us for it. Oh well, not going to complain about free food. A couple minutes later a group of 5 or 6 teenagers comes in. Apparently they were friends with some of the workers because they all started laughing and conversing very loudly. The workers are joking about throwing people's food on the floor and then serving it to them, and they were swearing, and there was some adult innuendo. Note that they're doing all this in loud voices with two young children in the restaurant. By this time my husband and i were both furious so we ate as quickly as we could and left.

The quality of service at this location has gone dramatically downhill as of late. And the fact that is was 5:30 in the evening and they had NO other customers seemed to pretty much indicate that we weren't the only ones that thought so. We'd had a couple previous occasions with small problems with our orders but never anything like tonight. Definitely not going there again. I recommend anyone who lives in that area to avoid the Burger King in Romeo, Michigan.

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