Sara (pawsibleclaws) wrote in bad_service,


So a few weeks ago, i decided to take my puppy to PetSmart to get her nails cut because she's just not outside enough to wear them down naturally, and its impossible for us to trim them at home because she's very difficult and doesnt like it.

So i walk into the grooming section, and a NON grooming employee ie. probably a register monkey asks if i've been helped yet, i say no, and that we just need a nail trim, but **!!WARNING!!** she puts up a fight, she really doesnt like it and it takes at least 2 people to get it done. So what does she do? Grabs some clippers and asks me to 'just hold her' so she can do it. Now me, being a Previous vet tech student i know how to secure a dog or cat or rabbit or horse for any routine procedure. but MY dog is a spawn of satan, and this just doesnt work. The girl attempts a couple nails, but doesnt get anything.

She then takes her "behind the counter" to where the grooming tables are, and instead of putting her ON the grooming table, ties her leash to the bottom of just a regular table. Uh hello not secure. im thinking in my head, shes gonna rip that table right off its hinges. So she again, now alone, attempts to trim her nails. The dog obviously fusses and puts up a fight, so she asks one of the ACTUAL groomers for assistance. The GROOMER takes the clippers and starts on her back feet, which she is actually almost able to get all of them (meanwhile register monkey is only holding my dog by her head, just asking to be bitten). Groomer then proceeds to try the front feet, and thats when all hell breaks loose.

Instead of securing my dog PROPERLY ie, on a grooming table, or sitting behind her and holding her body still and her JAWS OF DOOM away from said groomer, she just continues holding her head/collar. The dog flails around some more, then tries to bite them. So they get out a muzzle, my dog's never worn one, much less seen one, so putting it on her FREAKS HER THE HELL OUT even more. and she STILL tries to bite them even with it on, she's whining and whimpering at this point, and i go YA KNOW WHAT JUST FUCKING STOP and they look at me all like **HUH??? US??? WHAT??** I say YOU'RE NOT EVEN HOLDING HER PROPERLY just give her back if you cant do your job correctly.

The actual Grooming girl proceeds to ROLL HER EYES AND WHOLE HEAD Almost off her body. I said excuse ME but I've been thru vet tech school and i KNOW how to SECURE an animal and what you're doing is NOT correct you're hurting her and she's GOING to bite you which i ALREADY warned you about. Don't expect me to pay for this either.

So i take my puppy out of the evil groom shop and head outta the store and into the car where she has waiting for her a big new bone and rope toy that i'd purchased for her earlier in the day.

(Now there's been occasions where groomers have been completely competent and able to trim her nails, with proper holding techniques and assistance from others so it IS possible)

I try again, a few days later a girl i know works at petCo and offered to use her free grooming on my dog. i told her this story and again, warned her about the biting. She called me later that day to inform me she was ready to be picked up, had a bath and a pretty bow, and that she infact, had bitten her, and her boss X= but they were okay. but they'd NEVER seen a dog act the way she did.
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