Mad Hatter (wordsgate) wrote in bad_service,
Mad Hatter

Radisson Suckage

I've never had so much suckage in one week. But I think its because of my birthday; whenever it rolls around bad things happen.

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. As a present, my boyfriend and I were splurging on a hotel suite that's running at a cheap price of $89 at our local Radisson. Granted we were throwing a party (not really a party, just a few friends over at the hotel room to have a few drinks) but we were never called on and there was a wedding reception that was VERY LOUD until 11 PM.

Around 5 AM we called it quits. And the couple of friends who we were chatting with left and we hit the sack. I fell asleep immediately, and when I woke up two hours later, the room reeked of vomit. It hadn't smelled before, so I smelled the sheets and was pissed off that it was the comforter (when it had been pulled up) that smelled of puke-- like it had never been washed after someone got sick. was nearing 8 AM and I decided I'd rather go home and take a shower and crash there then stay in the hotel a minute longer. After packing up, I went to check out and talked to the Supervisor who happened to check me out. I informed her of the vomit smell and that it was unacceptable to have in a hotel, she looked at me like she could care less, and said, "Sorry. Oh and did you still want the hotel room charged on your Visa or did you want to pay cash?"

She handed me my receipt and told me, "I'll have a maid look into it." WTF? I wasn't staying another night! I was really upset about this, as it was supposed to be my mini-vacation and day of relaxing but the bed smelled like vomit-- enough to almost make me puke. I didn't say anything to her and just went home happy to be away from that horrible smell.

Sigh. Why me?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the lady in front of me, an older woman, was checking out and complaining about her room that had something in there for a whole week, and the Supervisor gave her pretty much the same response she gave me. "We'll have the maids look into it."
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