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The Unauthorized Roaming Saga Continues!

I just sent this email off to Sprint, after once again finding more of those fucking roaming charges on my bill. When I called customer service the first time, I got disconnected before I even spoke with a representative. The next time I called, I got some unintelligible idiot who hung up on me, and then called again and got yet another jackass who I could barely understand. After about 5 minutes of repeating the same shit I've told about 20 Sprint reps over and over again (the details of which should be in my customer file) I demanded his supervisor, who also had an extremely thick accent I could hardly comprehend. It's like they've outsourced their entire customer service staff to Incompetentania. Both people I talked to refused to even listen to me, and the supervisor even told me "We can't help you if you refuse to trust us." Why the fuck SHOULD I trust Sprint? They haven't been able to solve a problem that has been going on for THREE MONTHS! I hate them so very much right now. This time, for having to deal with their bullshit, they gave me a $10 credit. I think I should call them and complain more often, maybe they'll start paying ME to continue service with them.


I have a billing problem that has been recurring for the past three months, without any resolution. I have been receiving unauthorized roaming charges on my bill, when I have not left my coverage area, roaming call guard is enabled, and my phone is set to "Sprint Network Only". I have had to call Customer Service every month for the past three months to get these charges removed from my bill, and I am extremely frustrated by the apparent lack of interest in completely resolving this issue. My plan has been changed to one that provides unlimited roaming, but that still does not change the fact that these roaming calls are being made without my knowledge or permission, and I want to know what is being done to stop these calls from being made. I am ready to cancel my service with Sprint, because of the abysmal customer service I have received and the impression that nobody really wants to take ownership of this issue. I have contacted Network Fraud, Technical Support, and Customer Service, in the hope of finding someone who can tell me what is going on, but keep being transferred back and forth, and even hung up on by incompetent service reps. I am furious and want answers ASAP.

Dear HentaiJess,

I can understand your frustration and I apologize for the inconvenience
this may have caused you. I will resolve your issue by giving you
complete information.

On your account I noticed that currently your account is Fair & Flexible
plan for $39.99 effective as of 06/08/06, which includes;

-400 Any time Minutes,
-Long distance included,
-7pm Night & Weekends option,
-Roaming included,

That is why your account would not be charged for the roaming.

Before that plan your account had service plan which did not support the
roaming that is account charged for the roming.

We have already applied the courtesy credit of $10.25 to your account
against the roaming charges as of 06/11/06 you can confirm this credit
in your next invoice.

Thank you again for emailing us, it was a pleasure serving you. Please
feel free to write back if you have any further questions.

Chick at Sprint

My response:
I am getting more and more enraged every time I contact a Sprint representative, because nobody seems to pay attention to what I am saying. I did not ask why I'm not being charged for roaming any longer, or why I was being charged for roaming calls. Your response does not answer the question of why these roaming calls are even being made in the first place. I have all the information regarding my account, and repeating it to me in no way resolves the issue I am concerned about.

I want to know exactly why those roaming charges were even on my bill for the past three months, when I did not make any roaming calls during that time. As I mentioned in my previous email, changing my plan to one that does not charge me for roaming does not change the fact that these calls were added to my bill without my knowledge or consent. I am tired of people giving me the runaround and not taking ownership of this problem. I spoke with Network Fraud, who assured me that my phone has not been cloned. I spoke with Technical Support, who told me they would put in a trouble ticket regarding this problem, and have not heard any word as to whether anyone is working on resolving my issue. I even went to the local Sprint Store and exchanged my phone for a new one since the software was corrupted on my first one, in case that was the problem. All anyone has ever been able to do is credit my account for the roaming calls, which, again, I did not make. It is extremely inconvenient to have to scrutinize all activity on my bill every single month, and then call Customer Service to get any roaming charges removed...charges that should never have been there in the first place, no matter how much Sprint wants to avoid the issue.

According to my bills, the roaming calls are originating from Walla Walla, Washington, which is approximately 9 hours away from where I live (Klamath Falls, Oregon). I do not own a car, and have not traveled out of the service area in the past three months, so I want to know why these roaming calls are even occurring, when my phone is set to "Sprint Network Only", and roaming call guard is on. I can't count the number of times customer service representatives have simply told me, "Well, you're not being charged for the calls, so you don't have to worry." When there is fraudulent and/or erroneous activity on my account, you bet I am going to worry. I have gone through nearly every available channel I possibly can, yet nothing is being done to stop these roaming calls from happening.

If I do not get a satisfactory answer this time, I guarantee I will cancel my service. Until this problem started happening, I was very happy with the service I received, and recommended Sprint to all of my friends. Rest assured that I will no longer be recommending Sprint to anyone ever again.

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