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Annoying service

I'm finishing the last few credits of my undergraduate education right now. I live on campus, and a meal plan is mandatory.

This sucks on many levels. For one, I have social anxiety disorder and I don't know anybody here right now. Being in public alone in certain situations is difficult for me, and one of those situations happens to be eating in public. I skip a lot of meals because of it. That's not their fault.

Also, the vegetarian options are... whatever side dishes are available for meat eaters and pasta. I wrote a letter to the dining director about that, since the diet is nutritionally insufficient for vegetarians and the meal plan (which cost more than $1000 for two months) is mandatory, but they didn't change shit. Pretty bad service if you ask me.

But that's not what made me write today. What has been annoying me lately is one of the employees. I make a point to always be polite to service people. Always. Even if I am in a situation that makes me anxious and I feel like I am going to puke, I try as hard as I can to say please and thank you to the people serving me.

The valadine workers have the most menial task ever. They sit down, usually read something, and swipe the ID of every person who comes in there. I make a point of saying thank you every time. Most of the students coming in do not. Generally, the person working appreciates this and says "You're welcome" or "Have a nice day" or something. One girl consistently responds by glaring at me. Thanks. If I have social anxiety so bad that if I pass someone on the street, I look down and in the opposite direction, yet I can say thank you to a person in service, you can certainly be polite back.

I don't know why it annoys me so much, but it does.
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