Wilf (lots42) wrote in bad_service,

Back off, woman

So, every once in a while I need to take a migraine painkiller NOW or there will be much with the head pain.

It happened today as I was pulling into the Family Dollar parking lot. I rush ahead while my mom follows. I grab a soda and get the pill down just in time.

Then we do some shopping. I see on one of the other coolers a sign indicating the store likes sodas to be pre-paid. Ooops. We'd get it on our way out and apologize. About ten minutes pass. (This is important). Then I needed to visit the facillities. I got the key, with no hassle.

While I was indisposed, an employee approached my mom. (Why wait so long?) The employee had learned about the soda thing and decided to babble on about the policy.

My mom apologizes and explains it was a medical need. No dice. The employee continues babbling that they like prepay. Well, I like not being in screaming agony, so screw you Family Dollar.

And don't hassle my mom when I'm the one who did it.
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