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carl's jr.

i've never had to write one of these, but this was just....rude.

i got off work at 11:45 tonight and on the way home we(my mom, my sisters, and i) wanted shakes. most places shut their shake machine's down early, but some don't. we thought we'd try carl's jr (since their shakes are AWESOME). Anyway, we get to the drive thru, they're open the drive thru light is on, wait a few minutes and no one answers. we say hello a few times and get no answers. so we drive up, lights are on inside, but we don't see anyone. but we note, yet another "DRIVE THRU OPEN" light shining in the window. On the way around the building we pass the playground where 4 employees are lounging around, some smoking, and one commenting, in spanish, about us, "fucking car".
they very well could have been on a break or the drive thru and restaurant was closed. But they left the drive thru lights on, indicting they were open. and being on company grounds talking like that about customers in earshot is just RUDE and uncalled for. it's not like we yelled at them all sitting out there. we didn't complain at all.

the worst part was, after we went to Weinersnitzel next door (and we got shakes, the girl was awesome!), on our way out we saw someone making an order at the drive thru of carls jr. It was still open and those people got their food.
it really makes me wonder why we didn't get served.

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