Magadocious Rex (wonderwench) wrote in bad_service,
Magadocious Rex

Late Payments

Do you know what REALLY pisses me off?

When I do my part to my credit card company and loan companies and send in my payment not only ON TIME but in most cases 2 weeks early.

Then they dick around with the payment and do not process it until AFTER the due date and then when I call them and ask them NICELY to take off the late charges because I SENT IT IN ON TIME. Their answer is "well if you paid online this wouldn't happen and you'd be garanteed blah blah blah" that's bullshit. I don't like using the internet for paying bills because my dad's identity and credit got stolen that way. And then they won't take off the late fees. Utter BASTARDS!!!!

Please note as well- when I ask them to take off the fees, I start out VERY NICE becaause I too work in customer service. It takes all I have to keep my temper when dealing with these people.

"no hassle card" my ASS
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