Mad Hatter (wordsgate) wrote in bad_service,
Mad Hatter

Papa Johns Suckage

I love my Papa Johns pizza, unfortunately I can NEVER say anything good about their service. Last time I ordered my order was wrong, and the driver yelled at me about signing a credit card slip (I had wanted to place my pizza inside real quick because I couldn't sign it AND hold the pizza), and I angrily let it go. Today I ordered again (and because talking to the people at the store hurts my brain so much I always order online). I was sent an email saying it would take 35 minutes.

Yeah! Pizza :D

Well an hour has rolled by since 2 PM when I ordered. It's now 3:13 PM so I called the store asking where my pizza is. First off I had to listen through their pizza spiel, and when I said I was wondering where my pizza was...

I was told rudely the guy was on his way. Okay, no apology? No discount? DUDE I would've understood if it needed an hour to make my pizza, but then why was I told 35 minutes? Don't give me attitude when I've been waiting HUNGRY for my food when you told me a certain time and I'm wondering where my food is DOUBLE that time.

*HUFF* Seriously if the tip wasn't already on my credit card I would so not tip the driver. >:( And I always tip really well. I'm so not eating Papa Johns anymore. I'm going back to Pizza Hut.
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