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Amsouth Bank

I've been watching this community for awhile, and I just joined.  :)  I hope this will be the only time I post something here, but there probably won't be any such luck.  :-/

This happened around Christmas last year, when I was 18.  This is about Amsouth Bank (I think it's located just in the south-east).

My mom gave me one of her payroll checks to deposit into my bank account.  It should not have been any big deal, since I had deposited one of her payroll checks into my account when I first opened it.  My mom had endorsed the check, and I endorsed it underneath so I could deposit it into my account.

I went into the bank alone around 11 or so, and I was able to get to a teller right away.  I gave her the check along with my deposit slip.  She kind of looked at the check funny, then she asked my relation to "Barbara" (my mom).  I told her, then she looked around for her superior to ask if she could deposit the check.  The other teller who was in there when I got there had left the main room, and my teller told me she couldn't leave her spot because "it wouldn't be good."  We stood there like that for a good two minutes before the other teller got back, then my teller went to ask her superior about the check.  Guess where her superior was?  IN THE SAME ROOM!!!  She was over there for about a minute before she came back and told me that I needed to bring my mom back so I could deposit the check.

I went home and got my mom.  When we got back to Amsouth, the same teller was there, and when we went to the counter, she saw me and my mom and actually said, "Hi Mom."  After that, she happily took the check, and started punching stuff into her computer.  My mom asked how long it would be before I would be able to use the money, and that took the teller aback.  She went into the back to ask someone (and she was the only teller up front at that point, too).  My mom and I were talking to each other, and we discussed how the teller had failed to ask either of us for any sort of ID, especially after the big production earlier.  I could have easily gone across the street to Wal-Mart to ask any random woman to pose as my mom.  The teller came back and told us there would be an 11-day hold on the check (I thought 11 days sounded completely random).  I would have needed the money much, much sooner than 11 days.  I had some other money to deposit, and the teller happily took the money and depoisited it in the machine up front so we could see what she was doing.  After that, my mom and I marked up the deposit slip to omit the check so we could take care of the check in a different way.

We went to the credit union my parents use, and they cashed the check.  There were several large bills that we had to deal with when it was said and done.  When we got back to Amsouth AGAIN, there was a different teller up front.  We gave her the money, and she deposited the money IN THE BACK, so we couldn't see her deposit the money.  She easily could have pocketed the money (the reciept said otherwise, though).  There was NO hold on the cash.

I don't know what that whole deal was about... I think it was mostly because I'm young.  Anyway, I just closed both of my accounts at Amsouth as a direct result of the above story.  I'm banking at Wachovia now, and the service there is GREAT.
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