Amelia (ameliab) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Air Conditioner Guys:
Okay, I know that summer is coming, so you are probably buy. Yep, I know that.

But, LAST SATURDAY (the 27th of MAY) our air conditioner broke.
This wouldn't have been a really big problem except for the following reasons:

1)We bake bread all day. With no air conditioning, it's about 30 degrees (Celcius) in our store. All. Day. Long.
2) You didn't come out to fix the air conditioner until the following Friday (despite being called on Monday).

But then, you fixed it, hurray....

So, why then, is it broken again?!

We can't work like this! It makes all my little sandwhich artists tired, grumpy and even a bit sick! It's inhumane to leave us hanging like that! (gods know, if you did it to a dog people would just about kill you for it)

The machine was working for one day. You spent a whole day up on the roof putting in a brand new part. And I thank you for that, I really do.

But, seriously, what. the hell? It worked for one or two days and then stopped again. And, again, what's with the taking two days to even just call us back. Not fair. Or nice.

No more free sandwhiches for you!

Grumpy, over-heating, tired, sicky sandwhich artist from Hell.
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