Kiwi Maria (kiwiria) wrote in bad_service,
Kiwi Maria

Newspaper delivery

This is nothing near as bad as most stories I read here, but it is getting to be a nuisance that they just can't get it right.

I live on the fourth floor of an apartment and get my newspaper delivered every day. Mon-Sat there are no problems at all. We receive our newspapers every day at the proper time (i.e. before 7am) and if there have been technical problems so the newspapers cannot be printed for some reason or another, we get a note instead, telling us why and that we'll get the paper comp'ed.

Perfect service, and I don't have a single bad word to say about the Mon-Sat delivery guy/girl.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about the Sunday delivery guy AT ALL. 9 times out of 10 we don't receive our Sunday newspaper at all. The 10th time it's left outside on the mat, instead of pushed through the mailslot into our appartment - which means that if it rains, the newspaper is totally ruined.

I called 8 Sundays in a row to complain (politely - I read customers_suck as well ;) ) and we got the newspaper comp'ed. Finally, the delivery guy seemed to have gotten the message (he gets a fine every time he mis-delivers a paper), and for about a month, we'd receive it properly.

Only a month though... about a month ago, he started leaving them outside the door again and for the last two Sundays he's taken it a step futher... instead of bothering to go 'all the way up' to the fourth floor, he's started just throwing the newspapers at the bottom of the stairs - in fact hiding them under the stairs, so I only discovered them because I could see a corner sticking out.

I am NOT impressed! Bad_service from the delivery guy, and while I have no real complaints with the customer service (they're always super friendly and polite when I talk to them), I find it annoying that the delivery guy's boss can't get him to do his job.
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