Ashley (ramblng_tigress) wrote in bad_service,

bad night at quizno's

ok, so here's the deal. i work for a computer question/answer line (like a tech support) for my college. i try and be a very people friendly person, even to the rudest customer (and i've had some bad ones)

anyhow, i was in Quizno's last night getting dinner, and I was APALLED at the way the woman treated me! I know sometimes you can have a really pissy customer who will make your day a living hell, but I was trying to make a very simple request.

info: My boyfriend and I were going to share a sandwich. I had attempted (several times) to ask her for a second plate, so I wouldn't have to lean over a napkin to eat

her response(very snappy and rude, since i was saying PLEASE as I started)

"I don't come to your work and tell you how to do your job!!"

I was blown away by this. I mean, all I was trying to do was get an extra plate. I was so temtped to be rude to her in turn and say something along the lines of "well, in my line of work, I don't cut people off when they politely try to ask me something!" but I didnt. I wasnt going to be that way

However, my best friend's dad, who happens to treat me like his own, was the one buying the subs for us. i told him after we left there what she said, and explained that that was why I had been using a napkin instead of a plate (he asked) his statement made me laugh/cringe "Well, if I had heard that, I would have told her never mind, that we didnt want the food, and walk out. Let them dock her pay for the wasted food."

made me glad he didnt hear, since I wouldn't have wanted to give her reason to be even worse to the next customer....

(first posted in customerssuck, cause i didnt know about here)
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