Kass (kassh) wrote in bad_service,


Now THIS is out of hand.

We're moving out. An agency deals with all the renting and showing people around, etc. They are the same people we went through to get the place. My boyfriend has been in constant contact with these guys, well, one guy considering he is the one dealing with our flat (also the one that showed us through). He told him, under no circumstances, that he was to show the flat to ANYBODY until next week (so we could have a chance to clean over the weekend). He had asked if he could show someone through tomorrow morning, we told him no that the earliest he could show someone through would be Monday.

We've just found out (via an email my boyfriend recieved whilst away on his lunchbreak) that this agent has shown someone through our flat today, about 2 hours ago.

Now WTF? I am so angry about this and I have no idea how to approach it without screaming, beating or even killing someone.

Yes I think I may need anger management, but thats besides the point.

It states in our contract that nobody can enter our flat without a)permission and b) 24 hours notice and that we dont have to let them show it until 2 weeks before we vacate the premises.


Oh, and I'm in England.
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