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I could seriously smack the s**t out of Lowes right now.

I went to purchase a washer there tonight. After waiting for a sales associate, I go about buying the appliance and find out that there are several catches to their "free red carpet next day delivery for appliances over $299". First of all the delivery isn't free. You have to pay for it and then send in a rebate. That I could deal with. But then I find out that delivery is backed up until next Wednesday...Not Acceptable! I'm going to pay full price, pay for delivery up front, and they aren't going to be there until 6 days later? Arrrgh! I worked up a serious head of steam and headed to customer service. I pressed the issue about next day delivery. The cs person make a quick call to the manager. No good.
I told them that if I was going to have to wait, I wanted a discount. Another whispered call, and I had a 10% discount. Better but not good. So she rang the sale through, I produced my VISA debit card, and the card was declined! Twice! I got the heck out of dodge. My SO suggested that we try Home Depot. So we did. Not only was the machine less expensive, but they have a smaller delivery charge! I will have saved about $40.00 even after the "discount"!

Phew. So after fun at Denny's we came back with our fingers crossed that our computers would work. They did. :0). So I spent the rest of the evening paying bills online, ordering our train tickets to DC, and doing

One week until "Sordid Lives"!

Two weeks until "Mame" in DC at the Kennedy Center!

Hopefully things will go much smoother this weekend even though we will have to go to the laundromat yet again. That is an experience I do not miss...
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