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bad tech service from CompUSA

Last April my dad bought me a HP laptop as a graduation present. For a year it worked wonderfully, and the only problem I had was when my D drive stopped working; but I called HP and their amazing customer service/tech support took care of it in a matter of days (two to be exact). And all was fine.

Then, back in April of this year, I was in the middle of writing a paper for class when my computer just shut down. I thought it was odd, but figured maybe I'd had it on too long. It was fine again for a while.

Cut to two weeks ago, when suddenly after just an hour of being on, my computer would shut down. Eventually one night it just refused to turn on. The buttons lit up, but the screen stayed blank.

By now my warranty with HP was up, but luckily my dad had opted to buy a two year warranty with CompUSA as well. So for $200 I had their two year Technical Assurance Plan, under which they would pay for any parts or labor my computer might need.

So last Monday, (the 22nd), I took my computer in and they said they'd look at it and fix whatever was wrong. I'd forgotten to take in my AC adapter, but they said that was okay.

Cut to Tuesday, (the 30th), when I get a call to come pick it up. CompUSA had shipped it out to a service center and they'd replaced my processor and fan. I picked it up and asked if they'd had to erase my harddrive, and the tech. on had that day said they hadn't.

I got home, booted up my computer and did a happy dance because all my files and programs were there and my comp was running faster than it had before.

Cut to last night; I turn my computer on, intending to spend the night writing. An hour into surfing the 'net, my computer restarts itself. Then stalls in the middle of doing so, and restarts again. And does so two other times before the screen just stays blank although the buttons are lit.

I immediately call tech support, and after ten minutes of trying various things, my computer simply won't get past the point where they screen asks to start in "safe mode," "last known configurations," or "normally." The guy on the phone says to take it back to CompUSA.

So this afternoon I get there, sans my AC adapter, only to be told that they won't take it without the cord. Color me shocked.

I asked why they needed it now when they hadn't before? The woman at the desk insists that it's policy to take the cord. I tell her I hadn't brought it last time and no one had mentioned I needed it. In fact, they'd kept it for a week and no one had ever contacted me to bring the cord in. She informs me it's because they'd shipped it out to HP because it'd been under warranty, but now it was no longer under HP warranty and CompUSA would need the cord.

My mind boggled.

I told her to check the records because my warranty with HP had been up for two months now, and no where in the paper work I'd gotten over the last week mentioned anything about HP. I show her said papers, and the only service center it went to was one of CompUSA's.

She said fine, but they were going to fix it in store and would need the cord.

I asked if the cord was essential since they hadn't had it last time. She insists they couldn't even touch my computer without the cord. I asked what had happened last time then. She said they'd sent it out and wherever it went hadn't needed the cord.

I asked how they knew they didn't need to send it out. She said they wouldn't. I asked how they'd known to send it out last time. She said they'd looked at it here and decided it'd have to be sent out.

I went aha! (Literally, out loud.)

She starts backpedaling and finally just keeps throwing out they needed the cord. I ask for her manager.

I think perhaps the worst service of this was when he came out front and while I was trying to explain what was happening, he was looking at something on the store's computer screen.

Beyond annoyed at this point, I asked if he was even listening to me. I had to repeat it before he looked up, and he didn't even bother to deny it. He kept saying he didn't know what they could do until they had the cord.

I asked why I hadn't told that before, and he said it's store policy and who ever had taken it before hadn't followed policy. I asked what he was going to do about that and he just shrugged and said he didn't know who'd handled my case before. I pointed to one of the papers I'd littered the desk with and said, clearly whoever signed or typed this up was the one who did it.

It was like talking to a brick wall that only knew one thing: we need the AC cord.

So here I am now, getting a glass to water and getting this out of my system before I spend another $4 to go there and then come back home (taking a bus and two trains each way, mind you) so they can get the cord.

I am just so angry. If my father hadn't already paid $200 for this crappy service, I'd just take it to the local computer store that services my brother's computer.

To rehash the bad service: they lied to me and didn't fix whatever was wrong with my computer in the first place, or otherwise created a whole new problem in it.

Update: I went back with the AC cord, and neither of the two people I spoke with this morning were there. However, there was someone who actually seemed to know what he was talking about. He actually listened to the entire story of what had been happening with the comp. for the last few weeks, and when I pulled out my computer, before I could even take out the AC adapter from another compartment of my bag, he'd already turned my computer on and was attempting to figure out what the problem was.

He ran some tests and came to the conclusion that although they'd fixed the cause of the overheating, they hadn't fixed the effects of it, so my harddrive was messed up. He said they'd have to keep it for a couple of days, but he'd try to get it back to me by the end of the weekend.

Seeing, however, as he did touch my computer without the cord, I'm assuming that store policy doesn't dictate having the cord before figuring out the problem. After I thanked him, I went in search of the store manager (the other guy seemed more like just the department manager), and mentioned names and the entire fiasco. The manager said he'd look into it, so I guess that's all I could ask for anyway.
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