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A Stafford County teenager who spit in a customer's drink when she worked at a local Taco Bell will serve six months in jail, a judge ruled Thursday.

Shaleesheya G. Ford, 18, was sentenced to a total of 36 months in jail, with all but six months suspended.

She was convicted of assault and battery, obstruction of justice and filing a false police report. All are misdemeanors.

The judge in Stafford General District Court also ruled that Ford can't work in a fast food restaurant or visit a Taco Bell in Virginia for three years.

According to court records and the 35-year-old victim in the case, the incident occurred the night of April 14 at the Taco Bell on Garrisonville Road.

The victim, a lifelong Stafford County resident, said he'd been going to the store three to four times a week for a long time.

On this night, the man said, he purchased food at the drive-through window but didn't get the iced tea he ordered.

He said that when he asked about the tea, an employee told him they were out of tea. He then complained to the manager about the lack of tea, which the man said had happened several times of late.

The man said he settled for a Mountain Dew. He said the employee who handed it to him giggled as she told him to have a nice day.

Shortly after leaving the window, the man said, he started to drink the soda. Just before it got into his mouth, the man said, he saw a strange substance floating in the drink.

"Once I touched it, I knew exactly what it was," he said.

The man said he called 911 and a deputy responded to the parking lot.

During the ensuing investigation, the man said, he scooped the "loogie" out of the cup and turned it over to police.

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