The Melancholy of Homestar Greggo (ex_homestar577) wrote in bad_service,
The Melancholy of Homestar Greggo

Please? Kthx...

Please don't insult my livelihood. I know it may seem amazing to you that people will pay actual money for little slips of cardboard with fantasy art on them, but selling these Magic cards is great supplemental income for me, and besides, you asked me what they were. Your job is to simply ship my packages, not judge what I do to help put food on my table. I don't care to hear "what a ripoff!" whenever I come into the store.

I love the guys who run your store, and I'll gladly keep giving them business, but frankly, you suck, and the next time you tell me what you think about what I do I'm going to tell you what I think of your opinion, then talk to your bosses, who appreciate my business.

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