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The Setting:

Back in December, I had ordered an Amazon.com gift certificate for my Husband's birthday. I had ordered it December 30th, for next day e-mail delivery. He checked his mail and found nothing. Confused, I checked their website. What I found was that sometimes there is a delay. Okay. No problem.

January 4th rolls around, still no gift certificate. I decided to call their Help Desk to find out what was going on. The Rep had told me that it just never went through. Okay, things like this happen. I asked what I could do, and he informed me to cancel the first one and resend it a second time. I asked if he could cancel it over the phone with me. Sure! That's taken care of. I hop onto their site, refill out the form etc., and hubby gets gift certificate the next morning. Everything good at this point.

Let me point out that the original $50 was never taken from my account, and I had the Rep's word that it was cancelled, and even on the site, it said previous order was cancelled.

The Bad Service:

This morning (June 1st) I open my Gmail account only to find an e-mail from Amazon.com stating that this is a copy of my gift certificate I sent to my hubby. Strange, but okay... I'm thinking maybe a mailing mishap. I read through the e-mail and I got this sinking feeling that somehow they reissued it.

So, I pop on over to my Bank's website, log in and notice that $50 was removed from my account. I'm pissed at this point, as I never authorized this second gift certificate (especially in June, when hubby's birthday is in December!)

I use Amazon.com's Help Desk again. This time making note of time, date and Rep's name.

Brian: Thank you for calling Amazon.com, my name is Brian, how may I help you?
Me: (goes over situation)
Brian puts me on hold for a moment. Comes back on line: Well there were two orders placed. On the 30th of December and the 4th of January.
Me: Yes, that is true, but as I explained, the one placed on 12/30 was never issued. I had called about getting it fixed and the Rep said it was cancelled and to go ahead with a second certificate.
Brian: Well he never cancelled it.
Me: That's crap. I'm sorry, but it was my understanding it was cancelled and taken care of.
Brian: What would you have me do, ma'am?
Me: Please, recredit my account and toss the certificate. The certificate issued on January 4th had already been redeemed and there is no authorization for this one today.
Brian: Okay, I'll have that taken care of today and send you an e-mail when it is done.
Me: Thank you very much.

Now, Brian, was helpful. My beef is with the first Rep for lying to me. We'll see if they truly credit my account back...

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