Kass (kassh) wrote in bad_service,

Not so much bad service

Just a quick one.

In the 8 months of living in our studio apartment, we were never sent an electricity bill. They own the whole building and when we moved in we were told that the electric would be sent via them, instead of via the electric company. Nothing comes in those 8 months (leaving us to assume it we would be invoiced at the end of our lease), then about a week ago we get a letter from them stating that via an adminstration error (of their own, of course) that no electric bill had been sent to any of us within the building. With this letter, they send an invoice, and demand that half of the money owed be paid within 5 days of receiving the letter, with the remainder being paid within the next month otherwise the bill, in its entirity, is due immediately (that is after those 5 days are up)

The total bill is £220. So they were wanting £110 within 5 days.

Is this reasonable practice? We didn't pay it straight away, because we couldn't and now they're hounding us for the entire payment. They send us nothing for months, and now its "Oh we fucked up, pay us now or else"? Theres no problem at all with paying them, its just the noticed that sort of makes me think wtf?

Advice, thoughts?
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