Roisin Dubh (aoibhinn) wrote in bad_service,
Roisin Dubh

Dear Advanced Property Management

When we signed the lease on this house, we were well aware that the woman who owns it has no desire to do any upkeep whatsoever, and we were taking a gamble. Luckily, your agent, Barbara, was friendly, apologetic, and more than willing to help out. When we moved in, the lawn was up to our knees, the paint was peeling inside and out, and there were cockroaches everywhere. A few calls to Barbara, and most of our problems were solved within a week. We had no more problems with the house until a month or so ago.

That's when the pipe broke in the wall, and water started seeping up through the floor. It took several calls to your office before I finally spoke to someone. The maintenance man was out here 3 times trying to fix the problem, but he did, and I am grateful for it. However, no one ever returned to fix the damaged linoleum.

Recently, we've had a rat problem. I called your office several times, and each time left a message. No one ever called me back. Finally, after my dad (who's name is also on the lease) called and left a message, an exterminator finally showed up. However, he was not alone. He was accompanied by one of your agents, who I believe is named Melissa. When they rang my doorbell to tell me what was done, Melissa let me know that it was my fault the rats were there, because we failed to pick up the rotting fruit. Usually, this logic would work, but since we pick up the fruit once a week, and I myself have seen and heard the rats climb the tree to eat the fruit, I can tell you this is not our fault.
Then, today, I was relaxing at home watching tv, when Melissa appears at my door again. This time she was dropping off a notice of rent increase (why this had to be done in person I can only guess, since all other correspondence I have recieved from you has been through the mail). However, yet AGAIN she took the opportunity to chastise me for my lawn. She asked me in a very condescending tone if I was planning on mowing it soon, because "it really looks bad compared to your neighbors." My neighbors have professional lawn services come once a week. I informed Melissa of how horrible the lawn looked when we moved in. I refuse to believe that your company suddenly cares about the state of my lawn, since the lawn was in such a horrible state when you were actually trying to rent it out. She pointed out that it had not been mowed since she was last here, which was less than a week ago. She also complained about the patchiness of the lawn. Melissa insinuated that we are expected to keep the lawn in better shape than we found it in, which I find ridiculous.
I believe that Melissa thinks she is doing the right thing, but I am led to believe that she is completely unaware of the state of the house when we moved in, and what remains unfixed.
If you would like us to resod the lawn and fix it up as good as Melissa would like it (like our neighbors), then I would expect the following:
I would like our electrical to finally be updated from an overground line to an underground one, as that is out of code. As Barbara knows, we offered to pay for this ourselves, but the owner refused.
I would like the front door to be repaired so that it no longer blows open in a storm.
I would like the exerior of the shed and the interior of the house painted, like we were promised when we moved in.
I would like the bathroom in the garage apartment to be fixed so that it is actually useable, as we requested almost a year ago.
And finally, I would like the bubbled-up linoleum in the kitchen fixed.

If you find this unsuitable, I recommend that you inform Melissa how out of date this house is, and that she should not expect our house to look like the million dollar homes in our neighborhood, especially when the owner is unwilling to keep the house in good shape. We love living here, and enjoy the house with all of its decrepit charm, but to be constantly policed and insulted by a member of your staff is not only infuriating, but unacceptable. If possible, I would like someone else assigned to managing our property. We have also offered on several occasions to buy the house and fix it ourselves, but the owner has refused that as well.

Thank you for your time.

As stated in the letter, we DO enjoying living here. We chose it because of the fabulous location, and accepted the fact that we are not living in luxury. We do mow the lawn once a week, but it is still in horrible shape. When we moved in, the grass was completely unacceptable and there was all kinds a debris all over the lawn (kids toys, trash, etc.). I feel like this woman thinks she can talk down to me because I'm young (I'm 23, though I look about 16).

Sorry for the rant but this is the place I can go to vent.

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