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my lovely mail today

I ordered this:


and received this:

from Urban Outfitters.com


I was fucking LIVID. This is the second time in a fucking row I have had issues with them.

I got a beaten-up, empty box with no care as to packaging, and it looks like somebody actually opened up the box, took out the wallet and taped it back up. I was so fucking pissed I called their customer service number on the back of the order receipt and the lady was like "that's so horrible, we'll send you another one right now."

This is right after they didn't credit my card back when I returned something I bought online and bought 2 other things...it wasn't an even exchange so $135 should have been refunded to my card that I used for original payment. They sent me this check with no watermark or place to endorse it and I was like, "WTF???" and I had to contact them THREE FUCKING TIMES via their online form to get a damn answer. So I sent the check back to them with a letter basically saying, "this is inexcusable and I want my money refunded to the card I used to pay with originally."

I thought it was too soon to be ordering from them again without getting the whole credit posted back to my account, but I was impatient and didn't know how long the wallet would be on sale for $15, so I bought it.

Why am I such a sucker?!? It never works out.

*not my pictures.

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