Squirrel (daemonnoire) wrote in bad_service,

  This is an edited version of a really sucky customer service experience from my personal journal.

  Never, ever, ever use Xdrive.  EVER.

  Three weeks ago, I went looking for an easy online harddrive service that I could use to store some files for a few days.  Xdrive had an offer of a 30 day free trial, which of course you had to give your credit card number to use.  A few days after signing up and after trying several different ways to make the stupid thing work, I decided to cancel my account.  After searching fruitlessly through their website for information on how to cancel my account, I finally wrote an e-mail to their customer support asking that my account be canceled.  Nothing happened for the next week, so I wrote them again.  Still nothing.

  So today, I called.  The lady was very nice, and informed me that all cancelation proceedures had to be done over the phone.  Oooookay.  Whatever.  After hanging up with her, I then proceeded to my bank account.  Where all hell had broken loose (but that's part of a totally different story).  In the middle of the mess is a rather odd charge.  From Xdrive.  2 weeks after I signed up.  And, because of the afore mentioned hell, it has caused an overdraft fee in my account.

  So I called my bank, talked to a very helpful lady, got put on a course to possibly help with the mess that was suddenly my finances, and got the charge from Xdrive sent for investigation.  I then called Xdrive back.  According the representative I talked to this time, the charge was a "test" charge.  Which, I pointed out, wouldn't have been needed if the bastards had given me SOME response to my previous e-mails.  So she "initiates the refund" and sent me on up to the next tier of customer support so that I can scream at someone suggest that they change their handling of e-mails requesting cancelation.  After a bare two minute hold time, I was encouraged to leave a message.  I suspected something was up when the rep told me to be sure to leave a message, but oh well.

  After a few hours, someone finally called back.  He claimed that they only started offering the 30 day free trial period a few days ago.  He also claimed that they currently have a "huge" backlog of customer support e-mails.  I pointed out that their website said 30 days when I signed up, and even if it didn't, I still wrote to cancel my account well within the 15 day trial period he claims was up on the site when I signed up.  I also pointed out that their phone system claims that e-mails to customer support would be answered within three hours, which is pretty clearly a longer stretch of time than the three weeks it has been since I first e-mailed them.  And on top of all of that, the website says nothing about how to cancel ones account, which is a serious problem if one's company is only going to allow cancelations a certain way.  He dodged my complaints, reiterated that they had this massive backlog of support e-mails, but apparently didn't have an answer to my complaint about the webpage, because he then HUNG UP ON ME.

  Somehow, I suspect that if I hadn't called back, they wouldn't have refunded the money, and would have tried to claim to the bank that I hadn't e-mailed at all during the supposed 15 day trial period.  Right now I'm just hoping they actually do what they claim, and I don't wind up getting screwed further by these jerks.
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