I'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet (likelystory) wrote in bad_service,
I'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet

Because I'm not a full-time college student, I've been dropped from my family's health insurance. However, the medical issues that caused me to drop out of school made it worthwhile to purchase continued coverage on the insurance plan. I'm currently paying about $300/mo. to Conexis in order to stay on my dad's health plan.

We sent in the paperwork in March, and I was fully covered as of April 1. However, my claims since then have recently come back unpaid.

Last Monday, I called Conexis's customer service line and was almost immediately connected with a representative. She said that it might have been an issue if the claims were submitted before my payment was processed, so she sent in a request to have all of my claims reprocessed. I hung up, satisfied that things would be sorted out.

However, this Saturday (5/27), I recieved a new insurance card in the mail. This card has a different policy number than my parents' plan, which explains why all of my claims have gone unpaid. I checked the FAQ on Conexis's website, and it said that I would not be sent a new insurance card, and should continue to use my old information. Obviously, this is wrong. Also, it seems ridiculous that it would take two months to send me the new insurance card that would enable me to actually get the coverage I was paying for.

I also have not yet recieved a new prescription card (my dad's insurance plan has Blue Cross for health and CIGNA for prescriptions; Conexis merely handles the purchasing of continuation coverage). My Wellbutrin prescription has just run out, and I have no idea who to talk to to find out my insurance information so that I can get it refilled. It's an expensive prescription which I have already bought out-of-pocket once while waiting for my new coverage to take effect, and it's something that I cannot just go off of for a while without suffering some unfortunate mental consequences. I can't afford to spent $120 on a prescription ON TOP OF the $300 I'm paying so that I don't have to pay for prescriptions.

I'm very frustrated at the moment.
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