Vanessa (burnthewood) wrote in bad_service,

A bit of 'ew', a bit of 'ha,ha!'

This is more a WTF!? o.O story than bad service, but I thought this place could use a laugh.
My dad has an account with, which if you're Canadian, is the equivalent of Netflix in the US.
Anywho, this story takes place WEEKS and perhaps MONTHS after his account has been in full swing and he has been happily receiving and viewing the DVDs he checked off that he would be interested in.
Well apparently, when you check off certain 'Sci-Fi' and 'Horror' movies together, along with 'Spoofs' and 'Satires', they try to match your tastes with other DVDs they suggest and send along (without you knowing of course, where would the fun be in that!?)
Lo and behold, a few weeks ago my father gets this lovely gem in the mail:

"The Erotic Witch Project"

"No way," he says. "That can't be porn!" I grab the disk from him in its enveloppe and read the description. "Oh," but I say. "I think it is! 'The hottest lesbian encounter ever recorded'? That sounds pretty porno to me!" My mother was in the vicinity when this all came about, and she was floored as well (ha, that was a bad pun.) Either way, we all had a good laugh about it.
So yes, this was more a 'Ew-can't-think-of-parents-watching-lame-porn' moment than bad service, but come on. Porn? My dad's a freakin' British comedy, war movie lovin' kind of man. WTF!

And btw, he didn't ever watch it.
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