a rhinestone in the rough (pixiebitch) wrote in bad_service,
a rhinestone in the rough

So.. I went to my new dentist today (new insurance, had to switch) because I managed to lose a filling between 2 teeth. She looks at my x-rays, and informs me that I have 3 cavaties.

You see, the bad service doesn't come from this dentist. The bad service comes from the fact that I was just in my old dentist's office around Feb 1st (of this year) getting a crap load of cavities filled because I let myself go for 5 years without seeing a dentist, and I have cavity-prone teeth.

This just compounds how much a dislike the other dentist. With him...

1 of my surface filling came off a day later when I got my teeth cleaned.
1 of my other fillings came out while I was chewing, taking some of the tooth with it.
And now, apparently, he missed 3 other cavities when I was in there getting extensive work done. My new dentist says that it would take 6 months to a year for these to have appeared.

We're just waiting for my sister to go into the new dentist on thursday. Last time she saw the other guy, he told her she has NO cavities at all.
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