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I look at the sale flyers delivered each week. On sunday I noticed a ladder in the Canadian Tire flyer I could use. The sale ends on thursday so today I went to buy the ladder.

I get to the store and rather then bother a clerk right away I walk around looking for the ladder and check out other sale stuff. After 20 minutes or so looking for the ladder I gave up. I saw an associate unpacking some stock.

Me: Excuse me please.
CL: Clerk

Me: Excuse me?
Cl: *looks at me*
Me: Can you tell me where the ladders posted in the sale flyer are?
Cl: We're sold out.
Me: o.o
Cl: o.O
Me: Oh, ok, can I get a rain check for one?
Cl: I guess *sigh*

We walk over to the counter and she fills out the rain check and hands it to me.

Me: So it will be around 2 weeks to get more in?
Cl: Something like that.
Me: So you guys will call when it arrives?
Cl: Someone should.
Me: Oh, ok, thank you.
Cl: (no you're welcome, kiss my ass or anything)...

I worked for Canadian Tire over 20 years ago when I was in High School. I know they cannot stock a huge amount of large items so I am familiar with the store running out of stock before the sale is over. I also know that WE were told to offer the customer a rain check on these items. The ad will say "Sorry no rain checks" if they won't offer them on certain items. The ladder didn't say that and she should have offered the rain check. Who knows how many sales she let slip by. In my day we would have been chewed out for that. In a way I can't really blame her because I hated working there too, but I still helped out the customer. Not all customers know about a rain check.
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