Mary (horsphreak) wrote in bad_service,

Dental receptionist woes

Let me start out by saying I LOVE my dentist. He's the best in my area and he's incredibly good and conservative with his work (he won't drill every soft spot in your mouth to make a few bucks), but lately his practice and office have expanded hugely and the service has gone way downhill.

A couple months ago I was flossing and heard a crack. It didn't hurt, but a few whitish pieces came out and I wasn't sure if they were tooth or composite filling. I didn't worry about it for a couple days until it started to ache. I called for an appointment (I was way overdue for my six month and I wanted to get this fixed). I told the receptionist about my tooth and she said they didn't have any openings for a MONTH and I'd have to see the hygienist and come back to see the dentist later if there was a problem. I explained that I worked across the state and I'd have to take a day off for each appointment, but she said I'd have to wait an additional month to see the dentist. Frustrated, but still OK, I hung up.

Fast forward to a couple days later. My tooth (a molar) is getting really sensitive and painful. I called back practically in tears and talked to someone else about anything I could do for the pain. She said that a potential broken tooth was an emergency and I could be squeezed in the next day the dentist was in the office!!!!! I was incredibly grateful and got my tooth fixed the next Monday. Turns out I just sheared off a filling and the depth was making it sensitive. My dentist didn't even know how I managed it since he's never seen anything like it happen before (this stuff is tougher than cement because it has to put up with years of grinding). I'm just talented I suppose. Unfortunately, he made a comment about how my poor dental hygiene was a "phase" I was going through as a teenager. I flossed every night, used Rx fluoride and brushed twice daily. My brother brushed once every few days and never had a problem, lucky bastard. Apparently, the electric toothbrush I bought a couple days prior made all the difference. I was annoyed with the brevity of the appointment as he used to chat about school and work and everything and now he has so much work it's extremely brief. Still manageable, though.

I called today to schedule another filling. YAY! I have to take a day off in July for a doctor's appointment and I was hoping to make this one for earlier or later the same day. To make a long story short, the first girl tells me that nothing is available that day. Discouraged, I tell her I'll call back. I call again about 15 minutes later hoping to get a late appointment the day before. I explain the situation to this next girl and she tells me they have several appointments on the day I first requested and I could have my pick! I told her that "Nicole" said there wasn't anything available and she thought that was very odd.

I've heard this guy is a hardass to work for as my aunt started out in his practice, but what is with the poor service now that he has expanded? It's so annoying considering everything else is great.

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